WIP…or, OMG!

I used to have everything under control…or, so I liked to delude myself into thinking that. But really, I did!  All I was focused on was completing my quilts.  But with this recent renewed interest in embroidery and all things needles, I am really out of control.  Here are my current WIPs:

1)  Christmas 2012 presents  – this is my deadline for 5 quilts + 7 CQ tins. DONE

2)  Betsy’s Closet in Stitches – Embroidery & quilting stitch-a-long

3)   Hazel’s Summertime Flowers – Embroidery & quilting stitch-a-long

4)  Crewel Twists – I have 4 projects in that book that I want to work on

5)  Trisha Burr – needlepainting.  I have 4 smallish-projects of her design that are a warm-up to 3 other projects I want to do.

6)  Hardanger needlecase that I saw on Sew In Love blog.  (Has a matching pin cushion also.)

7)  Stitch Guides by Sharon B – I have 7 modules that I need to work on.

Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

I was kinda hoping that if I wrote down what I wanted to accomplish, it would no longer feel like everything is hanging over my head and I’m getting nothing done.  I literally will stare at my project boxes and get overwhelmed by what is there.  What I “have-to-do” because of commitments or time constraints and what I “want-to-do” or work on because I’m “in the mood” at that moment to work on that thing (whichever project is the thing of the moment).  Oh well, I’ll get a grip on it somehow.


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