More tangles

I didn’t realize how far behind I was in posting updates on my Jacobean Tangle project.  So far, I’ve finished the Blue Flowers, the Peach Flowers and the Large Peach Flower.

Blue Flowers 1 and 2

Almost finished Blue Flowers #1 & #2.

The Blue Flowers total 5.  Two are different than the other three.  For two of them, the blue flower portions are long and short stitch with twisted threads in 3 shades of blue while the other two have only 2 shades. The body of the leaves are needle weaving in Ecru and pale green.  While the calyx is needle lace stitch #2.  I decided not to add the beads at the end of the stamens only because these will be higher (2 beads in height) than the rest of the embroidery.

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Jacobean Tangle – Jan progress

I’m only able to work on my Jacobean Tangle project on the week-ends because in spite of having my Ott light and Magnifying light, it’s still not enough light to embroider by.  So my sessions are limited to the week-ends.  But while not progressing quickly, I’m still satisfied with what has occurred.

Flower1 - finished

Flower #1 – Finished

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Jacobean Tangle

I bought a book called “Crewel Twists” by Hazel Blomkamps.  I just leafed through it while at JoAnn’s and decided to buy it on a whim.  OMG! It has become my favorite book.  And, I bought some of the fabric that she based her projects on.  (As well as her DVD which illustrates Needle Lace techniques used in the projects.)  I’ve been patiently waiting until my Christmas Projects were done before beginning.  But the wait is Over!

I picked, what I thought, was the least complicated project to get myself “into the grove” again and learn some new techniques.  So I started with “Jacobean Tangle”.  Got to set it up on my new frame and started with the first flower.

Project on frame.

Project on frame.

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