What I did on my summer vacation…

Not much!  Just lazed around and enjoyed the peace and tranquility.  It was too hot outside to do any of the outdoor activity I wanted to do, like bicycle riding or taking the dog for adventure hiking or working in the yard.  So I did unplanned, spontaneous, activities.  Like…Sewing.  I can’t recall when was the last time I actually sewed clothing.  Been sewing quilts for the last few years–but sewing???  So I made myself an apron with spare fabric I had:


My retro apron.

And, here’s the biggie…

I taught myself how to Needle Tat from a book (“Learn Needle Tatting Step-by-Step” by Barbara Foster).  I wanted some of the great lace and old crocheted pieces that I see on everyone’s Crazy Quilt blocks.  But funds are limited and the surrounding stores don’t exactly have what I want.  So I was looking for some way to make them myself without a huge learning curve nor financial investment.  So I thought, what about Tatting?  My grandmother used to do it (although, I have very vague memories of actually seeing her do it–she passed on when I was 6).  And all it requires is a shuttle and thread.  So I went to my local big box craft store (Hobby Lobby) and started to pick one up.

They only had two DIY books on the shelf for tatting and one for experienced tatters.  One of the books claimed it included all the tatting needles in the book so that meant I didn’t need to purchase a shuttle NOR the needles required to do Needle Tatting.  With book and (FREE!) needles included, I taught myself how to tat.  And, I find I really LIKE IT!  Great activity in front of the TV when you don’t want to feel like a lazy couch potato.  (Har-har)

Here are some of my First Steps:

Different tatting examples

Beginning attempts at tatting.

And I think I’m getting better:

Tatted flower.

Example of my latest attempt at Tatting.