Betsy’s Closet – Block 2

After all of the Christmas projects were finished, I did find some time to complete my next block on Betsy’s Closet.

"Sunday Dress" - block 2

“Sunday Dress” – block 2

I’m still continuing to use the suggested colorways.


Betsy’s Closet – Block 1

I’ve finished the first block:  Romper

Overall, I’m happy with the results.  I used the suggested colorway and everything is stitched in Stem Stitch or Backstitch.  These are your basic embroidery stitches that are not difficult to master.  I think it’s cute!

Betsy's Closet - block1

“Romper” – block 1

Betsy’s Closet stitch-a-long

So I’m reading a few of my favorite blogs the other night, and I ran across something that sounded cute — “Betsy’s Closet”.  I’m thinking its vintage clothing or something avant-garde.  But when I clicked on it, it was a blog for a stitch-a-long.

stitch-a-long – one or more people who get together virtually and share their adventure about the same stitching project they are working on.

And that, is what I stumbled across:  Betsy’s Closet in Stitches

I instantly fell in love with the project!  I ordered a kit from Brenda Riddle’s (aka the designer) website (Acorn Quilt and Gift Company).

This is the darling little quilt I fell in love with.

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