Christmas Projects – Update 2

So, after my class in Crazy Quilting, I got the brilliant brainstorm to create CQ Altoid Tins for the “girls” in the family.  That includes my Mom, Sister, and 5 Nieces (all of my sister’s girls).  Which translates into 7 tins to get done before Christmas…along with all of the quilts.  Been a busy bee!  Anyways, without further ado, here they all were:

All 7 Crazy Quilt tins, plus 1 for me.

All 7 Crazy Quilt tins, plus 1 for me.

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Christmas Projects – Update

I got them done!  And, in time for Christmas.  To recap, I had several quilts to finish up.

  1. Mac & Maddy’s quilts,
  2. Niece Lindsay’s quilt,
  3. Husband’s new couch quilt,
  4. Danni’s baby spit-up quilt (although, she is a toddler now and doesn’t spit up any more!),
  5. And lastly, my sister’s quilt.

I posted about the others, except for hubby’s, and here’s the pictures of my sister’s quilt:


The quilt pattern is “Lady of the Lake”. She had picked it out of a book that I have. (And, when I have time, I’ll post it here later.)  It took a while, off-n-on, to finish it.  Nancy at Finely Done Quilting in Candia, NH did a fantastic job with long-arm machine quilting.

I don’t know if you can see the details too well, but there is cable stitching in the border with curved cross-hatching in each of the colored triangles.  And, she also did curved outline in the smaller half-square triangles.  But the feather triangle stitching in the each of the square’s light background triangles is just right.  All in all, the integrity of the various designs was terrific.  And, where sis loves lots of quilting, she loved it!


Last bit of catch-up…

Finally, the last bit of activity that occurred during the last month is my “New York Beauty Simplified”.  I took a guild workshop with Linda Hann.  (The workshop was a blast!  She’s a great teacher with a terrific sense of humor.  Loved it!)  I am anxious to continue with it but can’t until the Christmas quilts are finished.  But here it is, so far, on my design wall:

New York Beauty Simplified – in Batiks

Christmas is around the corner

I do this to myself every year…sometime around September.  I get grandiose ideas what I want to make for Christmas Presents. This year was no exception.

I decided I was going to make quilts for my two granddaughters (Mac & Madison), my niece Linsay, my grand-niece Dannika (happy belated birth-quilt–she’s now almost 2 years old), my sister, and my husband.

Dannika’s quilt was a kit. (Her brother has a matching one but in a blue colorway.)  It’s a “spit-up quilt”, meaning, it’s meant to be used.  Utilitarian–not heritage. So it’s very simple and I was able to get it stitched up in a day.  It’s been quilted.  But the binding was to be a ruffled binding.  And that is where it went awry.  I didn’t have enough fabric, even though the kit stated there was enough.  And where the kit was over 8 years old (her mother and I bought it when we went shopping to buy fabric for her Wedding quilt!), I just knew there was no way to get more.  So, it has languished all summer and into fall.

Lindsay’s quilt is finished.  I posted about it earlier.

Mac & Madison’s quilts I started a while ago (during my second quilt retreat!). Where they share a bedroom (or used to!), I picked the same Robin Pandolph fabrics, same pattern but in different settings, with different borders & backing treatments. So they coordinate but aren’t identical.  I’ve almost finished binding Mac’s quilt but still have to do Madison’s.  Here’s a picture of both of them:

Granddaughters’ Christmas quilts.
Pattern is Minnesota Hot Dish.

Hubby’s quilt will not be done in time for Christmas.  He says he’s OK with that. 🙂

Last, the quilt for my sister will be picked up from the long-arm quilting shop sometime within the next 2-3 weeks.

The other gifts I wanted to make for Christmas will just have to wait until the bindings are done on the quilts.  Ditto for Betsy’s Closet.

Crazy Quilt online class – Final

The online class for “Encrusted Crazy Quilting” by Sharon B is over.  I’ve finished my block.  I’m not thrilled with the final results. But the class was fun and a different experience for me.  It took about a month for me to decide if I would/wouldn’t publish the photo of it.  But one of the reasons I started this blog was to see a “growth” in development.  So, here it is:

CQ Class Final Photo

Finished block

There are a couple of areas I really liked, such as the Spider Web roses in the top right and my tatted medallion in the lower left.  But the final touch was my “spider” made from a couple of beads and floss legs. It’s hard to tell, but the metallic thread was a good choice for his web.

Bead spider

Mr. Spider