Merry Christmas to Me!

I stumbled upon a blog, don’t know how I got there. But am I glad I did.  It’s Mary Corbert’s Needle ‘n Thread. For the last 6 months or so, I’ve been reading her posts both current and Archived.  And it renewed my interest in needle work.  (And started me to posting my own blog about my adventures.)  I could go on and on about the wonderful things I’ve read there but this post is about something special.

On her site, she did a review of Needle Needs frame and stand.  I became intrigued and visited their site and saw their demo video. This was JUST what I was looking for many moons ago.  So I saved and used up by hobby budget–not for quilting supplies–but for my “new” needlework needs (no pun intended).  And here it is:

The Needle Needs frame.

The Needle Needs frame stand.

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Winter Wonderland

A wee bit of snow came our way day before yesterday.  And last night, a lot more!  Here is what it looks like outside my living room window.

Ain't it pretty?

Ain’t it pretty?

And here is the back yard.  Where you can see that I plowed a path from the storage shed to the side driveway with the snow plow.

The dog, Sophie, Loves to run the trail which is why you see two egress points as it circles the yard.

The dog, Sophie, Loves to run the trail which is why you see two egress points as it circles the yard.

I’m sure the neighbors weren’t too happy with me using the snow blower at 7:36am, but, I wasn’t the first person on the street to do so.  And I wanted it done before the predicted lowered temps and wind picks up.  Hubby, unfortunately, had to work today.  but he was a sweetheart to brush the snow off my car before he left at 6:00am.

Still, I do love the look of fresh snow on the ground.  Especially when I can cuddle up with the dog at my side and do some needlework.

…and I said “No, no, no”

I had heard about it, and wondered when it would happen to me, and the answer is…less than 1 month.

So, less than one month after putting up this blog, I have received two spam comments.  And let me tell you, they weren’t fit for adult eyes to view!

So I’ve decided to take down the “Likes” and “Comments” options from the blog.  Have no clue if this is a good/bad thing.  But for now, it’s what’ll do.