Last bit of catch-up…

Finally, the last bit of activity that occurred during the last month is my “New York Beauty Simplified”.  I took a guild workshop with Linda Hann.  (The workshop was a blast!  She’s a great teacher with a terrific sense of humor.  Loved it!)  I am anxious to continue with it but can’t until the Christmas quilts are finished.  But here it is, so far, on my design wall:

New York Beauty Simplified – in Batiks


Crazy Quilt online class – Final

The online class for “Encrusted Crazy Quilting” by Sharon B is over.  I’ve finished my block.  I’m not thrilled with the final results. But the class was fun and a different experience for me.  It took about a month for me to decide if I would/wouldn’t publish the photo of it.  But one of the reasons I started this blog was to see a “growth” in development.  So, here it is:

CQ Class Final Photo

Finished block

There are a couple of areas I really liked, such as the Spider Web roses in the top right and my tatted medallion in the lower left.  But the final touch was my “spider” made from a couple of beads and floss legs. It’s hard to tell, but the metallic thread was a good choice for his web.

Bead spider

Mr. Spider

Slap Forehead Here


Take a look at my block from Week3, and imagine in the upper-right corner, some type of a spray of flowers.  All swirly and clustered in a downward swoop. Now take your imagination and try to pull the threads/ribbons from your stash.  Which ones? And what type of flowers will there be?  So many choices.

And then, as I reading Ella’s Blog, I saw her mandella with the Whipped Wheels.  Eureka!  THAT is what I want. No “real” flowers but instead those that lead the imagination to the garden.

CQ Online Class – Week 3

So…what happened to Week2???  Paralysis.  I had so many choices for embroidering my block, that I was paralyzed by decision.  I couldn’t make up my mind what to do next.  In an effort to “just do it”, I used a variegated thread chain stitch on the lace edge in the lower right corner.  And that is where I couldn’t get past it.  So finally, I just decided to bury it!  ha-ha, that’s one way to eliminate a choice.  Here it is in progress…

CQ class Week3 progress shot