This page is for “bits ‘n bobs” that have no home…yet.  Right now, just some ramblings and jumbled thoughts/inspirations.

Tutorial – Vintage Pin Cushion:

Tutorial – Painting Buttons:

Tutorial (in French) – Soutache Carbochon

Love this girl.  Don’t want to lose her:



Tutorial – Heart , with stitching seam up the back:

I want to read more:

Continuous Prairie Points border

Neat little needle case

Happy Zombie–home of Happy Mochi Yum Yum (just wish it weren’t so expensive!)

Have to check this out.  Recommended by nanacompany:

More period fabrics:

Great retro free Embroidery patterns, for tea towels and such:

Counted Canvas/Needle point/Embroidery (still not sure the actual name for the technique):
and shop site:

American Needlepoint (ANG) – Stitch of the Month: