More tangles

I didn’t realize how far behind I was in posting updates on my Jacobean Tangle project.  So far, I’ve finished the Blue Flowers, the Peach Flowers and the Large Peach Flower.

Blue Flowers 1 and 2

Almost finished Blue Flowers #1 & #2.

The Blue Flowers total 5.  Two are different than the other three.  For two of them, the blue flower portions are long and short stitch with twisted threads in 3 shades of blue while the other two have only 2 shades. The body of the leaves are needle weaving in Ecru and pale green.  While the calyx is needle lace stitch #2.  I decided not to add the beads at the end of the stamens only because these will be higher (2 beads in height) than the rest of the embroidery.

In addition to the blue flowers, there are two styles of Peach Flowers.  I can see progress as I do the needle lace. I’m finally getting the hang of tension and more importantly, the underlying back-stitching that forms the foundation of the needle lace.

Blue and small peach flowers

Small peach flower next to the finished blue flower.

What I still have to work on is ensuring that the blue guidelines are “hidden” underneath the stitching.  It really bothers me when they show.  So much so that I will probably end up picking out the upper green leaf on my first flower and re-doing it.

The larger Peach Flower still needs the twisted couching for the stamens and their beads.  But in essence, it is fairly much completed.  Hopefully I can finish it today.

Large peach flower

Large Peach flower prior to adding beads at the end of the stamens.

Lastly, I added the acorns.  Those little cuties!  I must admit, I’m not real happy with them.  I think I rushed this ‘easy bit’ a little too quickly.

Single acorn

Three little acorns. Here is one of them.

This is the project to-date.  It’s hard to believe it took a month to progress this little bit.  But it’s not a race!  Just enjoying the process.

End of January project progress.

End of January project progress.

I think I’ll start focusing on the stems and tendrils.  And leave the remaining Berries and Large leaves.  Otherwise, there might not be enough of a carrot to finish the project without the feeling of repetitiveness creeping in.   It’s all about balance.