Jacobean Tangle – Jan progress

I’m only able to work on my Jacobean Tangle project on the week-ends because in spite of having my Ott light and Magnifying light, it’s still not enough light to embroider by.  So my sessions are limited to the week-ends.  But while not progressing quickly, I’m still satisfied with what has occurred.

Flower1 - finished

Flower #1 – Finished

Last I left off, I had thought I would wait until all embroidery was done before adding the beads.  But when I looked at them, and saw how ittsy-bittsy-teeny-tiny they were (size 15), I decided to go ahead and add them now instead of later.  (And besides, I couldn’t wait to see it with the finishing accent!)

Then it was on to Flower #2.  Again, done in shades of the dusky pink & rose, it was started.  Here is a photo of of the flower mid-way through:

Flower #2 - Midway with Needlelace #9

Flower #2 – Midway with Needlelace #9

I also got to use my new Spinner and created twisted long/short stitch leaf at the top.  This flower incorporated the trellis and crouching in the bottom sections.

Flower #2 - Finished with beads

Flower #2 – Finished with beads

And here it is as the finished flower.  Those beads just really finish it off perfectly!

Lastly, I worked on Flower #3 – the peach colored flower:

Flower #3 - with Needlelace #7

Flower #3 – with Needlelace #7

I’m finding I really like the effect the needlelace makes.  It’s created over padded satin stitch with DMC Special Dentelles #80 thread.  (I couldn’t find any resource for this thread in the USA.  I finally found a small online store in the UK and ordered it from them.  Shipping alone cost more than the thread!)

Flower #3 - Finished, beads and all.

Flower #3 – Finished, beads and all.

So I guess I can say I like doing the needlelace…once it’s done.  While doing it, I’m cursing at it because I haven’t mastered the tension of it.  But it sure is nice looking at the end.  The photos don’t really do it justice.