Christmas Cardinal

There is one Christmas project I squeezed in-between all of the others I was working on. I call it the “Christmas Cardinal”.  First, I love birds as subjects in needlework.  And this was a great kit.  It was worked on 40 count silk gauze.  (40 count means it has 40 threads weft and warp–in other words, tiny!) This was the first time I’ve work with 40 count silk gauze for the canvas and Aver a Soie silk thread.  While I liked working with these materials, I did have to use my lighted magnify glass to do it.  And, where it’s been a while (8+ years!) since I last did counted thread work, I did loose my stitch counts a few times.  But I don’t think you can tell.  (At least, I hope not.)


The treasure chest I used this with was just perfect! It had a frosted glass base. I wish now I could remember the manufacturer’s name. All I can recall is that it was made in England.Kelly_Cardinal_2I really hope Kelly likes it.