Christmas is around the corner

I do this to myself every year…sometime around September.  I get grandiose ideas what I want to make for Christmas Presents. This year was no exception.

I decided I was going to make quilts for my two granddaughters (Mac & Madison), my niece Linsay, my grand-niece Dannika (happy belated birth-quilt–she’s now almost 2 years old), my sister, and my husband.

Dannika’s quilt was a kit. (Her brother has a matching one but in a blue colorway.)  It’s a “spit-up quilt”, meaning, it’s meant to be used.  Utilitarian–not heritage. So it’s very simple and I was able to get it stitched up in a day.  It’s been quilted.  But the binding was to be a ruffled binding.  And that is where it went awry.  I didn’t have enough fabric, even though the kit stated there was enough.  And where the kit was over 8 years old (her mother and I bought it when we went shopping to buy fabric for her Wedding quilt!), I just knew there was no way to get more.  So, it has languished all summer and into fall.

Lindsay’s quilt is finished.  I posted about it earlier.

Mac & Madison’s quilts I started a while ago (during my second quilt retreat!). Where they share a bedroom (or used to!), I picked the same Robin Pandolph fabrics, same pattern but in different settings, with different borders & backing treatments. So they coordinate but aren’t identical.  I’ve almost finished binding Mac’s quilt but still have to do Madison’s.  Here’s a picture of both of them:

Granddaughters’ Christmas quilts.
Pattern is Minnesota Hot Dish.

Hubby’s quilt will not be done in time for Christmas.  He says he’s OK with that. 🙂

Last, the quilt for my sister will be picked up from the long-arm quilting shop sometime within the next 2-3 weeks.

The other gifts I wanted to make for Christmas will just have to wait until the bindings are done on the quilts.  Ditto for Betsy’s Closet.