OK.  Just as I surmised, this blog is languishing.

Life has a way of interfering.  My Encrusted CQ class is finished.  So is my block.  I might take a picture of it.  Not too very happy with the end result.  And, now I’m on to other things which have deadlines:

  1. Christmas quilts for Deanna (my sister),
  2. Mackenzie (eldest granddaughter), and,
  3. Madison (second eldest granddaughter)
  4. Tins for the Bee Girls for Christmas (all 7 of ’em)

Once the above is done, then I can indulge in some “sew time” for me.  And, towards that end, I’ve received the foundation fabrics for Hazel Blomkamp’s “Crewel Twists”.  Can’t wait to start working on those!!!  So, blog just has to wait.  <*sigh*>