One Stop Shop Hop

I love quilt show vendors!!!  You get a huge variety of merchandise from a diverse vendor base which results in lotta-loot.

The Mancuso Quilt Show had another wonderful display of fabulous quilts from around the world. I love to see what quilters in other areas of the world create. Their style, supplies, creativity, etc.  And this year was just as great.  Unfortunately, I left my camera at home and didn’t get to take any pictures!  I could, if I wanted to, go back today to address that.  But I’m afraid I already spent too much money yesterday and would again today if I got near that place.  So I’ll just have to rely upon memory.  I also got to see a few friends from my quilting guild–Amoskeag Quilting Guild

But on to the Loot!!

Here’s a few pictures of the books, thread, ribbon, buttons, needles, Duponi silk, and fabric dyeing supplies:

Lotta Loot! Mainly crazy quilting supplies

I also got all my Christmas shopping done for the Bee-girls.  But I can’t show you a photo of that as I don’t want to spoil their surprise.

Another score was a needlework frame from Thread Express.  It’s a home business in New Gloucester, Maine (about 2 hour drive from here). The frame was designed by

Face-on view of needlework frame. Works well either on a table or the two side pieces rest on the outside of my lap. Oh, and here’s my block with some of the spider flowers on it.

And, here a view of the frame from underneath. Just to give you a perspective on how it’s constructed.

Lastly, in the upper right corner is my Needle Minder. It’s attached with a magnet and when I place my needle on top, it stays in place. Now I no longer have to worry if I placed my needle next to me without thinking and where did it go????!

So all in all, I had a fabulous time yesterday.  Even though I went all by myself.  Next year, I’ll plan it better and a week or more beforehand, I’ll ask the Bee-girls if they want to come too.


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