CQ Online Class – Week 1

I’ve joined the Yahoo Group for my online course on Encrusted Crazy Quilting by Sharon Boggan (http://pintangle.com/classes-online/encrusted-crazy-quilting/).  Met lots of classmates who appear to be just like me!  Same age, ready for or just retired, and a few with small children (does a dog count and put me in this bracket???).  I even met a wonderful lady (“Pat”) who lives in Manchester too!  So class is feeling real comfortable.  Love It!

My first week’s class assignment is create a pieced block with 8+ different types of fabrics.  I wanted to wait until my order from RibbonSmyth arrived before making my final decision–just in case there were some duponi silks or velvet remnants I wanted to use.  In the end, I used what I had on hand.

CQ - Week1 - plan fabric layout

Final layout plan

The colors I selected are “Sunset on a Desert Garden”.  I hope that explains what I was going for.  Starting with deep rose up to dusky pink over to gold with peachy rose and down to sand and green.  Yeah, all over the spectrum.  But if you look closely, these are the colors in my center focus fabric.

CQ - Week 1 - Block all pieced

Block pieced together with some braid, lace, and ribbons.

So I pieced it together.  Colors don’t show as brilliantly as they do “live”.  Maybe this photo will help show truer colors…

Alternate version of final block pieced together

Viewing photo as it is hung from my design wall.

An interesting item of note.  Sharon talked about “lines of tension” as they apply to pieced blocks.  And when I turned my pieced block over to press it, I found those “lines” being illustrated very clearly.

Tension lines in CQ design

OK.  So now I’m ready for Week #2.  Bring it on!