My First CQ Block

Below is the first Crazy Quilt block I created.  And, Boy!, what a learning experience it was.  (Which is as it should be.)

Some of the things I learned were:

  1. Foundation – basting the fabric to the foundation muslin may not necessarily be sufficient.
  2. Contrast – if the embellishments don’t contrast sufficiently, they blend into the background.
  3. Try before you Buy – Always keep a few scraps around to do some testing before committing to the block (here is where lack of sufficient contrast would have made itself evident).
  4. Hoopster – as much as I don’t like using hoops, I think it will be the only way to control the stitches.  Otherwise, there will be “puddle-ing” of the fabrics (see the center piece for a good example of this).

I knew this first piece would not be perfect.  Allowances were permitted. <Interject self-deprecating humor here.>

I can’t wait to start Sharon B’s online course.  This block doesn’t feel quite finished to me.  Hopefully I’ll get some knowledge with the class that will point out why I feel this way.

My first crazy quilt block.

Numero Uno (my first crazy quilt block)