Loot !!!

I’m out playing around with Google and various sites looking for crazy quilt supplies.  I found one, and on the home page, it said “…delay in shipping…at show in Manchester, NH 06/27-07/05.”  Well, that was news to me and welcome news.  So I set about trying to find out more about this “show” in my backyard.  In the end, a friend called a friend who was in to fiber arts and she found something which mentioned a show at the Radison Center in Manchester this week-end.  I high-tailed it over there and spent a good 2.5 hours wandering from booth-to-booth with lust in my heart and an empty wallet.  ha-ha.

I did get some loot from the show, and here it is:


OMG!!! There was so much to choose from that I had to limit it to current project (hence the copper & brown beads) and another one which is percolating in my mind (turquoise and lavender).  Can’t wait to use them !!

The yarns are from:  flyingfingers.com   And they are created by “Great Adirondack Yarn Company, Inc.” and known as Dangle (left & middle) and Hot Surprise (right).  Note: the photos on their website to not do this yarn justice.  (And neither does my photos, for that matter.)  😉

No, I don’t remember the name of the site now.
Yes, I tried to find them at the show.
No, I didn’t find them.
Yes, I had a fantastic time!!