Lindsay’s Quilt

A few years ago (almost a decade ago), I decided to give up my needle handwork.  The eyes were giving me trouble and the hands were in pain–all old age (and I was only in my 40’s !!!).  So I took up Quilting for my creative outlet.  You don’t need keen eye-sight able to magnify 10x for 32-count linen nor do you need crab-like hands able to hold hoop, needles, and manipulate thread.

I find I do tend to give away all of the quilts I make.  I think I only have 3 in the house today (my couch quilt, my hubby’s couch quilt, and a mystery quilt my guild sponsored a few years ago).  Everything else is a WIP (work in progress), UFO (un-finished object–anything, any size), or already designated for someone else.

So I won’t have a lot of photos, initially, on my blog because it’s all… Gone!

However, here is a picture of Lindsay’s quilt.  Her request was “Something in Black, White, and Pink”.  She’ll be getting this for Christmas. (I’m in the final stages–hand-sewing the binding on.)

Luv ya, Linzy-poo!!  ~Auntie K

Photo of Lindsay's Black/White/Pink quilt

Quilt pattern is: French Braid